What Is Eco-friendly Car Wash?

Washing a car at home is considered to be more eco friendly than taking it for a wash in the garage. It is definitely not always true; at the most the car washed at home is cheaper than the one washed in a car wash center. Did you ever give a thought to the question where does the water drained out from your portable jet washer go? The answer is the water goes directly to the sewers that undergo treatment before being released back to the environment. ? Whereas if you wash your car in your garage, or in front of your house, the waste water from the wash goes directly into sidewalk drains that does not undergo any treatment. It goes straight to rivers and streams bringing with it harmful elements from the car shampoo you have used. Whereas in car wash services, the water drained off from the wash undergoes thorough treatment before being released back to the environment.

Washing your car at home is undoubtedly cheaper, but the bad news is that it is not eco friendly car wash at all. Here is what you have to understand clearly that the most ecologically friendly way to get your car sparkling again is to drive it straight to your local car wash. A professional car wash provider has to strictly follow regulations imposed by the government regarding where it will drain away the water; this ensures that the water doesn’t enter the local ecosystem and instead gets to a place where it will get reprocessed and recycled. As a matter of fact, some of the recycling takes place on spot i.e on site and you will find that while getting your car washed at a local car wash you should not be surprised if you find out that they might use the same water that was drained off while washing the previous customer’s car. That water gets thoroughly recycled and gets used for washing your car. This technique first foremost saves a lot of water and eventually protects the environment from the hazards of chemicals released from car shampoo, car polish etc.

On the flip side if you take a serious note you will find there are several ecologically unfriendly things that happen when you wash your car on your own in your garage. First, you will find that you are using more water than a car wash would. At a car wash, you’ll use approximately one third of that amount of water, simply because there is an automatic shut-off. If you use normal car cleaners, the water that runs down the drain after rinsing your car carries several detrimental chemicals which finally mix with the river water. If you absolutely need to wash your car at home with self car wash equipments, it is recommended to look for eco-friendly soaps and cleansers. There are many ways to keep your car clean while still safeguarding to take care of the environment, so stop and consider what your options are and how you can protect the environment, because little steps taken to protect the environment now might go a long way to secure the present and future of the next generation.

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